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Product Description

The Comtest KA1000 is a Modular Solution to Support G.fast DPU installation at building terminals and MDU environments by providing easy connectivity to the DPU via a standard RJ21 Connector. The KA1000 is specifically designed for the stringent requirements of G.fast technology up to 212Mhz and will also work great for VDSL2, Vectoring and even ADSL.

The KA1000 platform is designed to minimize crosstalk and maximize performance. The platform provides quick and easy installation with 16 or 25 Baluns.

The KA1000 provides superior performance at both New build or for Rehab of old building Terminals.

Product Benefits

  • Maximizes performance and data rates
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Equipped with coax modules-outputs
  • IDC modules for outputs available
  • Designed for G.fast; backwards compatible to VDSL2, Vectoring and ADSL


DimensionsSA-3616-8801, SA-3616-8811: 203.2x203.2x42.7mm(HxWxD) 8x8x1.68” SA-3616-BF01: 254 x 246.5 x 42.7mm 10 x 9.7 x 1.68” SA-3625-BF01: 254x360x42.7mm 10 x 14.2 x 1.68”
Operating Temperature-40 to +65 °C -40 to 149 °F Humidity: 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
WeightSA-3616-8801, SA-3616-8811: 1542 g. (3.4 lbs.) SA-3616-BF01: 1800 g. (4.0 lbs) SA-3625-BF01: 2450g.(5.4lbs.)
InterfaceFrom the CO/DSLAM: One RJ21 50-pin receptacle To the customer: Either 75-ohm coaxial cable or CAT5 twisted pair cable
Capacity16 & 25 Subscriber model interfaces available
ComplianceCompliant to all CSA/UL Standards
NameOrder number
KA1000-16 with 16 BalunsSA-3616-8801
KA1000-16 with 16 IDCsSA-3616-8811
KA1000-16 with 16 BalunsSA-3616-BF01
KA1000-25 with 25 BalunsSA-3625-BF01

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