Universal VDSL2 Baluns product image 1
Universal VDSL2 Baluns product image 1
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Universal VDSL2 Baluns product image 3
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Product Description

Comtest Networks introduces the first real twisted pair to coax Balun solution, specifically designed for use with VDSL2. The Comtest Baluns support up to 30A profile and are fully backward compatible to ADSL.

Comtest DSL Baluns are designed for use in environments that do not have any Telephone wiring or inadequate twisted pair wiring inside the home or building. The Baluns are a straightforward method for running DSL over coax throughout the home in locations plagued with EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) issues.

Comtest DSL Baluns provide an additional way to bring DSL based Video programing and high speed DSL services into the premise by using coax, which in many cases is already in the walls of these homes and buildings.

Product Benefits

  • Optional Interior connection jack for coax to RJ
  • Used for twisted pair to coax applications or coax to twisted applications
  • Installed into NID/SNI outside or any wall box located inside the home
  • Innovative dovetail channeling design provides perfect solution for multiple unit installs in MDUs, front terminals and/or any tight places where space is limited.


Dimensions 23.37mm(H) x 23.77mm(W) x 63.77mm(D)
0.92” x 0.94” x 2.51”
Mounting Mounting sled or tray accessory
Operating Temperature -40 to +65 °C
-40 to 149 °F
Weight 50g (0.11lbs)
Capacity 1 Subscriber loop per line unit
Twisted Wire Port Impedance 100 Ω
Coax Port Impedance 75 Ω
Withstanding Voltage DC 500 V, (2 sec; Ic=10mA)
Insulation Resistance > 100 Ω
Insertion Loss (typical) < 0.5 dB 25 kHz to 8.5 MHz
Return Loss (typical) 12 dB @ 25 kHz / 28 dB @ 100 kHz
Connection Twisted pair (100Ω) to RJ11 connector or Coax cable (75Ω) to coax connector
Name Order number
Universal VDSL2 Balun SA-2250-0001
VDSL2 RJ-Balun SA-2250-0010