Splitter Solutions Custom Design Services

With the deployment of VDSL2 and the need for more content, wider reach and maximum bandwidth, POTS Splitters have moved to the forefront of networks.

At Comtest Networks, Splitters are our business.

VDSL2 is a high frequency, high bandwidth protocol that pushes infrastructure well beyond its original intent. Splitter design is no longer an afterthought in the engineering process. POTS Splitters are critical for VDSL2 deployment and an integral piece of the network.

At Comtest Networks we have worked closely with leading chip manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and service providers to develop the right solutions for any application. From filters for the home to high density remote VDSL2 Splitters, we have the expertise and experience to deliver.

Common problems such as ringing cadence, ring trip and loading are more evident with IPTV and video than with any other application. Working with our partners, we have developed proven solutions that ensure high quality and dependable services.

NEBS requirements play a vital role in the design of VDSL2 Splitters. Central Office, Remote Terminal, Hermetically Sealed Case, NID or CPE – our splitters will pass NEBS the first time, speeding up your time to market and limiting additional costs.

With our in house manufacturing capability, we will manage your design from concept through product definition, design, and prototype to GA. North American manufacturing provides the flexibility to respond to unforeseen changes in business activity without sacrificing the bottom line.

Not all networks are created equal and not all POTS Splitters fit all applications. Let Comtest be your VDSL2 POTS Splitter provider and allow your resources to focus on what makes you money.