155G Series Heavy Duty Station Protector

Model: C-2378-35-G


The CNI 155G Balanced Gas Discharge Tube Protector is an economical choice for protecting copper pair voice-band and highs peed data circuits. The 155G utilizes a high-efficiency gas discharge tube for extended surge life with a Switch-Grade Fail-Short mechanism for thermal overload protection. 

The CNI C-2378-35-G can be used universally for POTS and high-speed data, such as ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL, VDSL2, other xDSL protocols and high-speed Ethernet. The Model 155G is a reliable and economical choice for overvoltage protection of paired copper communications circuits that exceeds all Cat5 requirements.

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155G Series Heavy Duty Station Protector


Balanced Protection

Reliability is improved by elimination of the air Back-Up-Gap (BUG)

Extended life

Quick response

High current handling

Compact, industry standard footprint