BLK Series Protector Panels



The Comtest Model BLK Series 5-pin protector module panels are designed to provide protection for circuits being provided on twisted pair. These panels are designed to provide connection and protection for cabinets, CEV, huts, and pedestal applications. The modular protector panels are Cat 5 compatible and can be easily sized to a variety of port counts for broadband applications. A large variety of module capacities are available by combining various standard 10, 20, 25, 50 and 100 pair models.

The BLK Series uses standard 5-pin modules to provide overvoltage protection from harmful transient voltage surges such as lightning and power cross transients. 5-pin modules with sneak current protection are also available. The BLK Series building terminal can be supplied with no modules or with factory-installed 5-pin protector modules of your choice.

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BLK Series Protector Panels