C-2377-35-G Balanced Gas Tube Station Protector

Model: C-2377-35-G; C-2377-35-G-IDC


The CNI C-2377-35-G protectors are ideal for economical protection of broadband telecom circuits at the subscriber premises against lightning surges, power-cross conditions and ground potential rises. Key features and benefits are: 

  • Low capacitance - Low loss on broadband applications.
  • Balanced protection - superior protection and improved broadband performance compared to conventional dual 2-element GOT protectors.
  • Switch-Grade Fail-Short device provides safer and more reliable thermal protection than solder pellet or burn through types of fail-short mechanisms.

The protector element consists of a balanced, heavy-duty rated, 3-electrode Gas Discharge Tube (GDT). The GDT meets UL’s Gas Tube Seal Test Program and eliminates a key issue of conventional GDT protectors with Air-Back-Up protection. Contamination of the BUG is historically the most common failure mode in older protector styles. Advanced technology in the GDT design helps provide exceptional energy handling and a long life. The Switch-Grade Fail-Short mechanism provides an extra measure of safety against thermal overload. The GDT mechanism is housed in a fire-resistant body with binding posts for multiple wiring connections. The IDC version, with environmental sealant, provides additional ease of installation and protection against corrosion. 

The C-2377-35-G will fit most manufacturers' network interface devices and can be used universally for POTS and broadband systems such as ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL and VDSL2 while exceeding all CAT 5 requirements.

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2377-35-G with Binding Post Connectors

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2377-35-G-IDC with IDC Connectors


Balanced Protection

Common chamber, 3-element GTD protection

Switch-Grade Fail-Short device for fire safety

Reliability is improved by elimination of the air Back-Up-Gap (BUG)

Low capacitance

Rugged sealed construction

Binding post or optional Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDCs)