C-2410 Series 5-Pin Surge Protector

Model: C-2410-XXX-X-XXX-XX

The CNI C-2410 Series 5-Pin Protector is the latest generation telecommunications protector for high performance and long life in overvoltage protection of copper pair voice-band and high-speed data circuits. The C-2410 combines the advantages of gas tube and solid-state protection while integrating three advanced technologies: a high-efficiency gas discharge tube, precision matched metal oxide varistors and a switch-grade Fail-Short mechanism. The Switch-Grade Fail-Short mechanism ensures superior thermal protection with fast acting, highly reliable response to thermal overload conditions. This combined technology provides lower capacitance, higher reliability and longer life than competitive hybrid technologies. 

The C-2410 can be used universally for POTS and high-speed data, e.g. ISDN, ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL, VDSL2, other xDSL protocols and high speed Ethernet. The technology used with-in the C-2410 provides unparalleled overvoltage protection with low loss on paired copper communications circuits. The C-2410 series is the most economical, reliable and effective choice for overvoltage protection of copper pair circuits.

C-2410 Series 5-Pin Surge Protector

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C-2410 Series 5-Pin Surge Protector