C-2470 Series 5-Pin Surge Protector

Model: C-2470-4X(X)-X-XX-X(X)

The C-2470 Series 5-Pin Protector is a new generation of telecommunications protector designed for protection of sensitive highspeed network data circuits. The Protector integrates four advanced technologies: an advanced balanced GDT, precision matched Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs), a switch-grade Fail-Short mechanism, and a transient blocking device that protects the circuit by rapidly switching to a blocking state. These technologies are combined to provide robust overvoltage and fast, resettable sneak current protection with extremely low surge let-through. Additionally, the C-2470 Series has very low loss characteristics making it the ultimate choice for protection of sensitive, high speed communication lines.

C-2470 Series 5-Pin Surge Protector

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C-2470 Series 5-Pin Surge Protector