Large Universal NID Enclosure c/w Deep Fiber Tray

Model: SA-6008-0001


Single port (expandable to 2) NID designed to accommodate up 50 ft. of outside drop in the outer reel and accommodate up to 55 ft. of 3mm fiber within the inner integrated reel. Utilizes a tool less multi-position SC/APC holder and a single SC/APC connector. Unique enclosure design enables more access in tight spaces than any other product on the market today. Optional security door for demarcation and isolation of the Telco side of the network

SA-6008-0001     Housing Only, Deep Fiber Tray

SA-6008-3001     Housing, Ground Lug, 3 IDC protectors

SA-6008-1101     Housing, Ground Lug, 1 xDSL Splitter, 1 GDT (Protector), Sealed Insulation Displacement Connections (IDC)

SA-6008-3010     Housing, Ground Lug, 1 POTS Line Module, 3 GDT's (Protector), Sealed Insulation Displacement Connections (IDC)


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Innovative slack fiber management
  • Multiple SC/APC Bulkheads termination locations supporting expansion and versatility in placement
  • Includes SC/APC coupler
  • Innovative design that allows more access in tighter spaces, creating the greatest amount of access within the unit, regardless of its placement
  • Multipoint locking mechanism
  • Padlock hasp for security (1/4-in shaft)
  • Sealed enclosure to protect internal components from weather elements
  • Accommodates 3/4" or 1" conduit


Dimensions (H x W x D)

10 x 9 x 3"

254 x 228.6 x 76.2mm

Operating Temperature

-40 to +150 °F

-40 to +65 °C


1.5 lbs

0.68 kg


One fiber in and out path for interconnecting the OSP fiber drop with the premise customer loop (inside run)


1 connection of OSP drop and inside plant run, ~50 feet of outside fiber drop and ~50 feet of 3mm fiber within the integrated reel assembly


UL 94-5VA (outdoor) rated flame-retardant thermoplastic, Meets GR-3125, ROHS Compliant

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Large Universal NID Enclosure c/w Deep Fiber Tray