NID TJ Add A Line with Protector

Model: SA-4717-PP01


The NID TJ Add A Line with Protector is designed for simple and easy clip-in installation in virtually all industry standard NIDs, allowing for the continued use of existing infrastructure. The White colored case makes it easily identifiable from the various Splitters type modules available.

With a potted cavity and gel filled IDC connectors, this POTS bridging module is suitable for all applications, from the NID outside the house to inside wiring closets in apartments.

The NID Add A Line with Protector is environmentally sealed against the elements. This, in cooperation with the 4 gel filled IDCs, protects against the risk of corrosion or failure caused by nicked wires during stripping. A RJ-11 test jack is provided to validate dial tone on the primary phone line. 


  • White case makes it quickly identifiable
  • Gas Tube Protection
  • Quick and clean installation using gel-filled IDC for a reliable connection every time
  • Easy clip-in installation to standard NID/SNI boxes
  • Environmentally sealed for outdoor applications
  • Make-before-break RJ-11 connector to verify line dial tone



50.3mm(H) x 29.5mm(W) x 105.6mm(D) 

1.98” x 1.16” x 4.16”

Operating Temperature

-40 to +65 °C

-40 to +149 °F


108g (0.24lbs)

Communications Interface

Gel-filled Insulation Displacement Connectors (22AWG to 26AWG solid conductor type) for Phone Out (four connections). RJ-11 connection for Test Jack. Local Loop via twisted pair.


1 Subscriber loop per line unit

Electrical Specifications

DC spark-over voltage: 350 V +/- 20%, Impulse spark-over voltage at 100 V/µs < 750 V, Impulse spark-over voltage at 1 kV/µs < 900 V, Insertion Loss (input to output) < 0.1 dB


Compliant to Telcordia and CSA/UL

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NID TJ Add A Line with Protector