Voice Distribution Block

Model: SA-4310-0002

The Voice Distribution Block combines 8 gel-filled IDCs with 2 gel-filled RJ-11 jacks all connected in parallel for the distribution of POTS services at a single location. LINE IN can be any one of the 8 IDCs or 2 RJ-11s and the individual inside wire set runs can be connected to the rest of the IDCs. 

The RJ-11s allow for direct line cord attachment from the ONT POTS output and easy access for the technician to monitor with their test set. The IDCs allow for quick and easy testing of inside wire line faults on individual set runs. These features assist with reducing the installation and/or repair time. 

The Voice Distribution Block’s compact size fits standard sized in-wall electrical boxes or in most outdoor enclosures when needed. 


  • Gel-filled IDC's and RJ-11 Jacks allow for use indoors and in most outdoor enclosures
  • IDCs allow for quick set run isolation when testing
  • Compact size can fit in In-wall sized electrical/communication boxes
Voice Distribution Block 1
Voice Distribution Block 1
Voice Distribution Block 1
Voice Distribution Block 2



57.15 x 39 x 18.67 mm  (H x W x D) 

2.25 x 1.54 x 0.74 "

Operating Temperature

-40 to +65 °C 

-40 to +149 °F 


​60 g (0.13 lbs)


Line In (Service Wire) - Gel filled IDCs or Gel filled RJ-11s 

Line Out (Set Runs) - Gel filled IDCs or Gel filled RJ-11s


1 Subscriber loop per line unit

Connection Types

Gel-filled Insulation Displacement Connectors (22-26 AWG solid conductor wire); Gel filled RJ-11s 


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Voice Distribution Block