Comtest advantage

For equipment manufacturers and telecom companies enabling DSL services and high-bandwidth triple-play services (VDSL2) over copperline networks, performance quality is paramount. With competition always intensifying, cost-effectiveness is also a must. Comtest delivers both.

Our splitter and test access products are designed for the real world—today’s world—where space-constrained remote cabinets and customer premises equipment do much of the work that used to happen at the CO. Our DSL products are economical and decidedly leading-edge, continually refined through advanced R&D.

Custom designs. Volume supply. Global reach. Build Comtest into your network products and free up your engineering teams to focus their efforts where you need them most.

Why build us in?
  • Short lead times
  • Local Manufacturing
  • Indoor, Outdoor, Multi-line and NID applications
  • Superior product performance
  • Technological leadership
  • Proven manufacturing capacity
What you should know…

Picture quality and performance issues? Consider POTS Splitters over micro-filters.

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How does home wiring affect attainable VDSL2 data rates?

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