2-Wire Butt Splice Connector

Model: CNI-UI-01Y


CNI Butt Splice connectors are wire insulation displacement contacts that make dependable electrical connections. The continuity is completed by crimping the wire, with the recommended tool, that then displaces insulation and grips the copper conductors with a firm pressure in one motion. This does not require wire insulation removal, and each connector contains an organic silicon grease sealant to protect against corrosion and repel moisture.

The smaller size of the yellow coloured 2-Wire Connector allows it to handle a higher pair count cable while keeping the splice bundle O.D. to a minimum. The two ports accept any two solid copper conductor combinations of 22 - 26 AWG (0.72 mm - 0.4 mm) filled or air core cable with a maximum insulation O.D. of .06" (1.52 mm). The wires joined can be of different wire gauges. 2-Wire Connectors can be used on standard polyethylene wire insulation; polypropylene wire insulation of Filled Cable and on pulp cable. Suitable for use in temperatures 30 to 70*C and humidity range of 0-95%.

*Use caution to make sure insulation is pushed completely into connector before crimping. Recommend using any E-9 model crimpers 

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2-Wire Butt Splice Connector