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CNI Butt Splice Connectors are wire insulation displacement contacts that make dependable electrical connections. The continuity is completed by crimping the wire, with the recommended tool, that then displaces insulation and grips the copper conductors with a firm pressure in one motion. This does not require wire insulation removal, and each connector contains an organic silicon grease sealant to protect against corrosion and repel moisture.

Inline Copper Connectors are manufactured from tin-plated phosphor bronze or brass with bonded Polyethylene Terephthalate insulation. Colour coding of the insulation is provided to denote the wire size and weather resistant type. Any solid core wire, 26 to 19 AWG (0.4 – 0.6 mm), with plastic, pulp or paper insulation can be spliced.

The CNI Butt Splice Crimp Tool's long nose is engineered to combine wire cutters with a stepped jaw to provide a parallel crimping action. 

The Butt Splice Crimp Tool can be used for both the CNI-UI-01Y 2-Wire Butt Splice Connectors and the CNI-UR-01R 3-Wire Butt Splice Connectors.

SA-HPB0-4040 is a 40"x40" Fire Retardant Blanket made from AMATEX woven thermoglass fabric of medium weight formed with a twill weave construction which has been vertex treated in a blue color.