25-Pair IDC Tailed Terminal Block A-Series

Model: CMRA2530521101


The 25-Pair IDC Tailed Terminal Block makes copper connectivity and wire management throughout your copper network simple, reliable and affordable.

Every aspect of the data ready IDCs design has been optimized for ease of use. Wires are easy to insert, and secure connections are simple to establish and verify. Pair-at-a-time jumper connections speed up jumping, and easy line disconnections make service provisioning a snap. The IDC requires no tools, making wire terminations fast and easy.

The “quiet front” design of the IDC eliminates incidental shorts and interference. The IDC’s gas tight connections provide a low and stable connection resistance. HVC (High Viscosity Compound) encapsulation blocks moisture and eliminates corrosion, ensuring trouble-free service in both internal and external installations.


  • Insulation Displacement Connectors - IDC create a water tight, tool-less connection
  • "Quiet Front" design and easy test access eliminate the need for disconnection during circuit testing
  • High Viscosity Compound (HVC) environmental encapsulation eliminates corrosion, enabling IDCs to function in high-humidity environments



10 x 4.5 x 1.5 " (HxWxD)

254 x 114.3 x 38.1 mm


IDCs will accommodate wire designs with conductor sizes between 

26 AWG - 22 AWG (0.4mm - 0.63mm)


Telcordia TR-NWT-001195, TR-TSY-000975, TR-NWT-000937, TR-NWT-000975, CAT5 Rating, UL Listed

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Example: CMRA 25 3 25 21 1 01 A

25-pair IDC Terminal Block, category 3, 25 ft tailed stub, shielded/filled, black, terminated tail, with enclosure

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25-Pair IDC Terminal Block 5ft CAT3 Tail c/w MS2 Connector

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