2812 MDF Splitter

Model: MDF-2812


The Comtest 2812 MDF Splitter is a 96-Port 4x24 Receptacle MDF POTS Splitter that moves the Splitters from the DSLAM to the back of the horizontal frame. Moving the splitters from the DSLAM relay rack to the horizontal frame allows for increased port densification at the DSLAM and reduces the cabling required between the DSLAM and the horizontal frame. Existing unused cabling between the DSLAM and the horizontal frame can then be reused to provide new additional DSLAM Ports to the 2811 MDF Splitter on the horizontal frame. 

The 2812 MDF Splitter mounts on the back of the horizontal frame and connects to the standard wire wrap blocks with a connectorized cable eliminating the need to move any jumpers. Moving the splitters to the horizontal frame also resolves any existing “dead port” issues resulting from lightning or overvoltage surge issues on the DSLAM Splitters.


  • Moves splitters from DSLAM to the rear of Horizontal Frame
  • Eliminates the need to move jumpers
  • Reduces cable requirement between DSLAM and Horizontal Frame
  • Resolves existing “dead port” issues at the DSLAM
  • Allows for increased port densification at DSLAM


Dimensions (H x W x D)

70 x 189 x 223.5 mm

2.75 x 7.435 x 8.8 "

Operating Temperature

-40 to 65 *C

-40 to 149 *F


3.31 kg

7.3 lbs


Line, POTS and DSL : RJ21 (female)


96 Subscriber loops per unit



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