50-Pair Pole Mounted Terminal

Model: CMRFE50-X-12-2-XX-00


The 50-Pair pole mounted terminal provides a dependable, long-term means of discrete connections. The “quiet front” Tool-less IDC design eliminates incidental shorts and the High Viscosity Compound (HVC) encapsulation blocks moisture and eliminates corrosion, resulting in trouble-free service.

When using a small pair count drop in a ready access configuration, the 50-Pair IDC block provides quick pair-at-a-time connections without requiring the use of tools. The IDCs latching mechanism ensures wire retention and pullout resistance during drop wire tracing.

The 50-Pair pole mounted terminal can be utilized for outdoor applications such as aerial, wall mount and marina installations.


  • High Viscosity Compound (HVC) environmental encapsulation eliminates corrosion, enabling IDCs to function in high-humidity environments
  • Insulation Displacement Connectors - IDC create a water tight, tool-less connection
  • "Quiet Front" design and easy test access eliminate the need for disconnection during circuit testing
  • Top fed cable input with bottom fed drops
  • Enclosure is outdoor rated


Dimensions (H x W x D)

28.2 x 12.7 x 4.8 "

715.3 x 322.5 x 121.6 mm


IDCs will accommodate wire designs with conductor sizes between 

26 AWG - 22 AWG (0.4mm - 0.63mm)


Telcordia TR-NWT-001195, TR-TSY-000975, TR-NWT-000937, CAT5 Rating, UL Listed

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50-Pr Pole Mounted Terminal with 12ft stub c/w Metal Enclosure

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