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The CNI 25 & 50 Pair Pole Mounted Terminal provides a dependable, long-term means of discrete connections. The “quiet front” Tool-less IDC design eliminates incidental shorts and the High Viscosity Compound (HVC) encapsulation blocks moisture and eliminates corrosion, resulting in trouble-free service.

The CNI Loading Coil is placed along a telephone line to compensate for the losses in signal over long distances. The loading coil induces an electrical current via magnetic fields to compensate for lost signal power.

The CNI 1650 Series Buried Splice Closures are designed with a reinforced heat-shrinkable wraparound sleeve coated internally with a hot-melt adhesive that provides a watertight seal to the cable sheath.

The GS3 1650 Copper Splice Closure Sealing System is a wrap-around splice closure system that provides a fast, simple way to seal and encapsulate telephone cable splices in non-pressurized, buried cable. 

The CNI Multi-Use Domed Pedestal (MDP) is manufactured in the USA with UV rated engineered thermoplastic and come in various sizes. The split base is designed with oversized extrusions that establish improved holding power in multiple substrates (soil, gravel, sand etc.) and supports stake mount deployment.

The Mini CST Terminal Closure is environmentally sealed and available in a 15 pair which can be used above or below grade. Craft friendly, tool-less design requires no additional parts or accessories to install standard 2, 3, 5, or 6 pair buried drops or 2 to 6 pr aerial drops.