C-2377-455HS Series Station Protector

Model: C-2377-45-HS; C-2377-45-BC; C-2377-45-HS-IDC; C-2377-45-BC-IDC


CNI Model C-2377-455HS Series station protector is a new generation telecommunications station protector designed to be the best choice for protecting copper pair voice-band and high-speed data circuits. Combining the strengths of Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) and solid-state overvoltage protection, the C-2377-455HS integrates three advanced technologies: an advanced GDT, precision matched metal oxide varistors (MOV), and a switch-grade Fail-Short mechanism. The C-2377 series offer superior service life, far exceeding Telcordia standards. 

The C-2377-45 can be used universally for POTS and high-speed data, e.g. ISDN, ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL, VDSL2, other xDSL protocols and high speed Ethernet. The technology used with-in the C-2377-45 provides unparalleled overvoltage protection with low loss on paired copper communications circuits. The Model 455 is the most economical, reliable and effective choice to protect paired copper communications circuits. The IDC version, with environmental sealant, provides additional ease of installation and protection against corrosion.

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2377-45-HS with Binding Post Connectors

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2377-45-BC Balanced Capacitance with Binding Post Connectors

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2377-45-HS-IDC with IDC Connectors

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2377-45-BC-IDC Balanced Capacitance with IDC Connectors


High-speed network compatible

Reliability is improved by elimination of the air Back-Up-Gap (BUG)

Multi-stage protection

Balanced Protection

Quick response to surges

High energy handling

Binding post or optional Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDCs)