DSX-1 200 Pin Pass Through

Model: SA-2117-0001


Pass through panels are placed in nonadjacent DSX-1 environments, such as multiple bay lineups, multiple floor locations, customer hand-off interface locations, etc and are connected to each other by permanent tie cables. When service is required between the two environments, a semi-permanent cross-connect jumper is run between the DSX-1 module and the pass through panel in each environment to complete the circuit path. 

Circuits are connected by placing a jumper from each pass-through panel in each lineup to the appropriate DSX position.


  • Removes the need to run cross connect jumpers (semi-permanent) between DSX bay lineups overhead
  • Eliminates permanent equipment wiring from getting tangled with semi-permanent jumpers
  • Can be installed in the same racks as DSX equipment
  • Provides a termination field and cross connect function for lengthening of tie cables between bay lineups
  • Keep jumpers accessible for reconfiguration
  • Has no jack access

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DSX-1 200 Pin Pass Through