DSX equipment acts as a cross-connect interface between network elements while providing intrusive or non-intrusive test access in Central Offices, CEV’s and huts.

The DSX-1 allows permanent cabling at DS1 (1.544 Mbps) digital signal rates that cross-connects between network elements such as office repeaters, digital switches, channel banks, digital loop carriers, multiplexers, and digital loop switches. The DSX-1 enables terminating, rearrangement or temporary patching of DS1 circuits as trouble occurs or traffic demand and patterns change. Each network element can be permanently cabled to a DSX-1 terminal or can be temporarily connected using a cross-connect jumper or patch cables between two DSX-1 terminations. 

The DSX-3 solution is a centralized cross-connect interface between network elements. The DSX-3 consists of the chassis and can be equipped with up to 32 modules. The all-BNC interface DSX-3 provides connectivity between office repeaters, fiber optic terminals, digital loop carriers, multiplexers, and digital cross-connect systems at DS3 (44.736 Mbps) digital signal rates.

The DSX-3 provides for patching, terminating and rearranging of DS3 circuits as optimization occurs, traffic patterns change and requirements on the network change.

Each Chassis has 32 slots for up to 16 x SA-2116-0030 (Even) Modules and up to 16 x SA-2116-0031 (Odd) Modules.