DSX-1R 56-Port Rear Wire Wrap

Model: SA-2115-1001


The Comtest Networks DSX-1R is a 56-port rear wire wrap unit that allows permanent cabling at DS1 (1.544 Mbps) digital signal rates that cross-connects between network elements such as office repeaters, digital switches, channel banks, digital loop carriers, multiplexers, and digital loop switches. The DSX-1 enables terminating, rearrangement or temporary patching of DS1 circuits as trouble occurs or traffic demand and patterns change. Each network element can be permanently cabled to a DSX-1 terminal or can be temporarily connected using a cross-connect jumper or patch cables between two DSX-1 terminations.

The DSX-1 provides three connection areas (“fields”)

  1. input/output (I/O) for network element connections
  2. cross-connect (circuit completion)
  3. jack (monitoring or patching). 

The test points provide bridged and series access for testing or patching. 


  • Network element replacement and testing without service interruption
  • Faster out of service recovery
  • Basic maintenance & physical layer access
  • Increased capacity and faster service provisioning
  • Protection of electronic equipment and network element and better service reliability
  • Easy future network migration & planning


Dimensions (H x W x D)

152 x 483 203 mm

6 x 19 x 8 "

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DSX-1 56-Port Rear Wire Wrap

Advantage to hard wired arrangement:

• The DSX-1R can handle a large number of terminations in a non-blocking arrangement

• Easier grooming- adding, removing, and rearranging circuit connections

• Provides alternate routing and fast service recovery in case of network element failure

• Provides quick access to circuits for testing and monitoring

• Circuits can be rolled with minimal interruption of circuit integrity

• Provides visual LED indication of completed cross-connects

Electrical Parameters:

• 100 Ohms circuit/line impedance at 772 kHz

• Total insertion loss created by the terminal connections at DSX-1 panel and DSX-1 jack at 772 kHz is less than 0.5 dB

• Return loss – the sum of reflected losses at half line rate (772 kHz) is less than 26 dB, measured at the output test port

• Crosstalk – Disturbing signals from adjacent ports is less than 26 dB