DSX Cable Series

Model: CA-211X-BFXX-XXX


CNI's DSX Cable Series allows the customer to select the DSX Type (1 or 3), the Connector Type (BNC, BNC 735A, BNC 734A1, Mini/Midsize/Standard WECO and DIN-F and length of single or dual coax cable.

DS-3 cable management is addressed at the DSX-3 bay framework utilizing cross-connect jumpers and patch cords, ensuring an organized and expandable network. DS-3 systems are designed for use with all types of coaxial cable, i.e., 734, 735A, etc. Comtest Networks builds Pre-terminated equipment cables for DSX-3 Cross Connections with a variety of connectors on one or both ends of the cable. DS-3 Cable types include single 734 and 735A coaxial cables. Our cable assemblies are designed and built to specifications which enable our DS-3 product line to provide full performance stability and reliability.

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