MAQS Base 48-Port Block

Model: SA-7010-3701


The MAQS Base 48-Port Block can maximize cabinet investment by eliminating the need for forklift replacements at existing FTTC sites as port exhaustion is approaching or when implementing Vectoring. The reduced footprint of the 48-Port Block maximizes performance and data rates while doubling port density and reducing cabling by 40%. It accepts the Splitter Module, the Single Primary Protection Module and the In-Line Tester Modules.

In a POTS/DSL overlay application, each MAQS-48 can take the place of two fifty position 5-pin protector panels. Each module replaces two 5-pin protectors and provide Primary protection on both Line and POTS. The MAQS plug-in modules provide quick and easy configuration changes.

Output cables are available unterminated; with MS2 connectors or with 710 connectors.


  • Quick and easy configuration changes
  • Maximizes performance and data rates
  • Multiple frame and port configurations
  • Output cables available unterminated or terminated with MS2 or 710 connectors



Bases: 150 x 203 x 76.15mm (5.90 x 7.99 x 3.00”)
Splitters: 26.48mm x 14.35mm x 126.37mm (1.04 x .57 x 4.98”)

Operating Temperature

-40 to +65 °C 

-40 to +149 °F


1.5kg (3.3lb)


REAR of Block:
  • POTS Interface: 4 X 24 Pin Signal Connector
  • LINE Interface: 4 X 24 Pin Signal Connector
  • Data: RJ-21
FRONT of Block:
48 X 7 Pin Pluggable Splitter with Integrated Protection Modules


48 Subscriber loops per unit


Tested per GR-1089, GR-63, ATIS-0600026.2010(R2015) UL-497, applicable GR-2916, GR-974


SA-7010-4280 MAQS 180 Degree Signal Header Support

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MAQS Base 48-Port Block