MAQS (Multi Application Quick Access Solution)

Introducing the first G.Fast Multi Application Quick Access Solution

The Comtest MAQS (Multi Application Quick Access Solution) is a complete connectivity solution for the ultra-broadband capabilities of and while fully backward compatible with VDSL2 and ADSL. The MAQS 7-pin module contains both dual Primary Protection and the Splitter. It provides primary protection for both the DSLAM or DPU via the Splitter ( or VDSL2).

The MAQS eliminates the need for fork lift replacements at existing FTTC sites as port exhaustion is approaching or implementation of Vectoring is desired. An upgrade to the MAQS can be accomplished in a short maintenance window, eliminates about half of the cables required, and in many cases the MAQS can double the port density in your cabinet at a fraction of the cost of these traditional methods.