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MAQS CrossCONN and CrossCONN+ Systems SA-7100 Series
SA-7100-0101          192 PORT **MAQS CrossCONN ENCLOSURE (System)
SA-7100-0201          192 PORT **MAQS CrossCONN+ ENCLOSURE (System) + 96P Frame (no cables)
SA-7100-0201-20     192 PORT **MAQS CrossCONN+ Sys + 96P Frame, w-20FT BLUNT END
SA-7100-0004          CrossCONN+ plinth
SA-7100-0011          CrossCONN+ plinth adapter brackets
SA-7100-1501          CuB³ 1**MAQS 192-PORT Enclosure
SA-7100-1001          48 PORT **MAQS CrossCONN (no cable, no splitters)
SA-7100-1001-20     48 PORT **MAQS CrossCONN, w-20FT BLUNT END
SA-7100-2001-04     Auxiliary *rls 150 panel/bracket for 19” or 23” rack
SA-7010-2101          144 PORT MAQS Solution (no cable, no splitters)
SA-7100-1101          192 PORT MAQS Solution (no cable, no splitters)
SA-7100-1101-20     192 PORT MAQS Solution, w-20FT BLUNT END
SA-7100-1301          48 PORT MAQS CrossCONN BOX (Plastic Enclosure)
SA-7100-1401          48 PORT MAQS CrossCONN (Aluminum Enclosure)
SA-7100-1501          MAQS CuB³ 192-PORT Enclosure (Aluminum Enclosure)
MAQS UMC Protector Panel Replacement and Common MAQS Configs SA-7010 Series
(existing cabinet replacement blocks)

SA-7010-2401         MAQS 96 PORT Vertical Frame Central Office 303/310 replacement
SA-7010-2501         MAQS Base 48-PORT block drop-in replacement for UMC-x000E
SA-7010-2601         MAQS Base UMC R&R 307 R&R for UMC-000E & other
SA-7010-2701         MAQS 96-PORT Horizontal Replacement (SA-7010-2701-23 includes ears for 23” frame)
SA-7010-2801         MAQS Base 24-PORT ODC Protection Block
SA-7010-3701         MAQS Base 48 PORT Universal Mount
The ODC 100 - MAQS Solution expand from 144 ports to 288 ports
SA-7010-9601         ODC-100 96 PORT MAQS
24 Port Block Variations
SA-7010-0001         MAQS Base-24 PORT Block (Telco Pinout)
SA-7010-0011         MAQS Base-24 PORT Module \ 24 Port MAQS base (Telco Pinout)
SA-7010-S501         MAQS Base-24 PORT Block (Adtran Sys5 Pinout)
SA-7010-S511         MAQS Base-24 PORT Module (Adtran Sys5 Pinout)
MAQS Plugins and Accessories
SA-7010-0002         MAQS Connector Kit (OSP (Signal) Connectors)
SA-7011-0001         VDSL2 Splitter with Dual Primary Protector
SA-7012-2001 Module with Dual Primary Protection
SA-7015-0001         Primary Protectors
SA-7016-0001         MAQS In-Line Tester Module
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