Universal G.fast Baluns


Comtest Networks has released a G.fast Balun solution specifically designed for longer coax reach. The Comtest G.fast Balun is a passive inline device designed to convert a G.fast signal carried on a balanced twisted pair cable to an unbalanced 75Ω coax cable.

G.fast promises to deliver gigabit speeds over standard twisted pair Telco cables. Designed for use on short lengths of twisted copper, the reach can be extended by using coax. Capitalizing on the ultra-broadband capabilities of G.fast, you can push these higher bandwidths further and further into rural areas and older neighborhoods, homes and buildings. Due to real world constraints and the possible saturation of other services in the business and MDU environment, the optimum way to distribute G.fast is by using coax.

Our G.fast baluns are also designed to be used in environments that do not have existing Telephone wiring or inadequate twisted pair wiring inside the home or building. These G.fast baluns will provide an additional way to bring Video programming and high speed broadband services into the premise by using the existing coax which in many cases is already in the walls of these homes and buildings.

The Comtest Networks G.fast balun provides the perfect solution to provide superfast broadband for any MDU, business office and small campus environment.


  • Converts balanced twisted pair signal to 75Ω unbalanced signal
  • Allows coax to be used to carry the G.fast signal where twisted pair is of insufficient quality
  • Installed in NID, MDU or DPU enclosures or any wall box located inside the home
  • Innovative dovetail channeling design provides quick and easy installation



23.37mm(H) x 23.77mm(W) x 63.77mm(D) (0.92” x 0.94” x 2.51”)


Mounting sled or tray accessory

Operating Temperature

-40 to +65 °C 

-40 to +149 °F


50g (0.11lbs)

Communications Interface

F-Type: unbalanced 75Ω impedance Coaxial Interface. Twisted Pair: balanced 100 Ω impedance LINE interface


1 Subscriber loop per line unit


Compliant to CSA/UL Standards

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G.fast Balun with Twisted Pair

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G.fast Balun with RJ11