G.fast & G.hn

G.fast & G.hn technology is the next generation of broadband service delivered over traditional copper networks. G.fast & G.hn technology widens the current 30MHz VDSL2 spectrum to 106MHz, and will further expand to 212MHz and 1000MBits/s in the future. G.fast & G.hn offers a more cost effective roll out option than fiber to the home by allowing the service provider to re-use valuable existing copper plant. For example, G.fast & G.hn can be delivered to an MDU, connecting individual customers with existing copper infrastructure.

Comtest has released a full suite of high-bandwidth, low-loss access solutions - CPE and NID splitters, baluns for coax application, MDF and cross connect systems, as well as custom enclosures and rackmount or internal CO splitter cards. As first to market, Comtest products have been a key part of many successful G.fast & G.hn trials and deployments.