Versablock Rotating Terminal Block (139 Series)

Model: 139-D4100R019W 139-R6144Q062B

No matter what the application – termination of line drawers, trunk modules, tie pairs, transmission channel banks, etc. – the versatile Versablock® Rotating Terminal Block (139 Series) adapts easily to your communications equipment termination needs. In addition, the Versablock® Rotating Terminal Block offers the following benefits:


  • Suitable for vertical or horizontal installation
  • Connectorized or non-connectorized cable terminations
  • Multiple pin patterns and wiring configurations available
  • Choice of terminals: bifurcated wire-wrap, single wire-wrap, bifurcated quick-clip insulation displacement connector (IDC)

Easy to use

  • Blocks snap securely into place and remove easily without tools
  • Floating terminal pins are easily replaceable
  • Hinged protective front cover latches securely and opens easily
  • Slotted front-to-rear fanning strip
  • Equipment terminals are easily accessible
  • Terminates 22 to 26 AWG conductors
  • UL94V-0 material
139-Series Versa Block
139-Series Versa Block

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139 Series, 100 pair, 8x25, single wire-wrap cross-connect, four 50-pin male connectors, white label

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139-Series, 144 pair, 8x40, bifurcated quick-clip cross-connect, six 64-pin male connectors, beige