MAQS Buddy Box

Model: SA-7100-0101

The Comtest MAQS Buddy Box takes advantage of the MAQS 7-pin module that contains both dual Primary Protection and the Splitter. Primary Protection is provided for both the Feeder (F1) and the Distribution (F2) cable pairs while providing connectivity from the DSLAM or DPU via the Splitter. The Buddy Box can be attached to existing cross connect boxes to provide relief and additional ports or as a standalone new cross connect box for smaller rural applications.

The Buddy Box frees up room in the DSLAM to increase port density by removing 192 splitters and a total of 192 In and Out protection modules. The removal of the existing splitters resolves any “dead port” issues caused by lightning or power surges and frees up one of the cables or 200 pairs within a cable between the cross connect and the DSLAM. The 192 MAQS connect directly to MS2/710 blocks in the rear of the cross connect box so that existing jumpers in the cross connect box do not need to be touched.

The MAQS Buddy Box allows new additional ports to be added in increments of 48 ports. This clean and simple solution will require 2 new jumpers to be placed between the cross connect box and the Buddy Box.


  • Frees up room in DSLAM to increase port density
  • Attaches to existing cross connect boxes or standalone
  • Resolves “dead port” issues and frees up cabling between DSLAM & Cross Connect Box
  • No existing jumpers need to be moved
  • Available with MS2 or 710 connectorized cables or unterminated cables
SA-7100-0001 Front A
SA-7100-0001 Front A
SA-7100-0001 Front A
SA-7100-0001 Front B



SA-7100-0101: 813 x 610 x 326mm (32 x 24 x 12.82“)
SA-7100-1101: 584 x 307 x 135mm (23 x 12 x 5.4”)
SA-7100-1001: 602 x 151 x 173mm (23.7 x 6 x 6.8”)

Operating Temperature

-40 to +60 °C -40 to 140 °F


SA-7100-0101: 25kg (55lbs)
SA-7100-1101: 6kg (13lbs)
SA-7100-1001: 5kg (11lbs)


SA-7100-1101: 192
SA-7100-1001: 48


Tested per GR-1089, GR-63 ATIS-0600026.2010(R2015), UL-497, applicable GR-974, GR-2916, GR-1361


  • 8 x Feeder: 25 pair CAT5 cable -> Stub, MS2 or 710
  • 8 x Distribution: 25 pair CAT5 cable -> Stub, MS2 or 710
  • 8 x Data: 25 pair CAT5 cable -> Stub, MS2 or 710
  • Feeder: 48 Port xConnect
  • Distribution: 48 Port xConnect
  • Data: 25 pair CAT5 cable -> Stub, MS2 or 710

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